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Read this our terms and conditions before booking.

We are escort companions based in the Vienna/ Bratislava area.

We offer only outcall (we visit you) escort services (we do not have a place where you can visit us), we can travel to meet you.

Please place and confirm your booking at least 24 hours before the start of our date.

We will provide phone numbers after the meeting is 100% confirmed.

We do not use Viber, Skype or Whatsapp applications.

It is possible to meet us just for lunch or coffee, but we need to be paid for our time even if the meeting does not include private time.

Preferred airport is Vienna, as it is the easiest for us to get to.

If you want us to fly from elsewhere (for example Budapest), additional charges for our taxi there and back will occur.

Please make sure you agree to our rates, as we are not willing to give discounts or "special deals".

Please be a gentleman and handover the agreed fee at the very beginning of our date without asking or reminding you, as this may ruin our time together. We would appreciate if our donation would be handed to us in an unsealed envelope. Please do not consider it rude if we check the amount handed to us.

As mentioned elsewhere on our web site, neglected hygiene is a serious turn-off for both of us, as is rude and inconvenient behaviour.

If you need to cancel our date for any reason, please let us know at least one day ahead.

If our date is in the country we need to fly into, please be so kind as send us a copy of the hotel bill with your full name, thanks.

Thanks for being a gentleman by not putting us in stressful and uncomfortable situations.

Travel expenses is paid by the client in advance by flights and there is no ticket or sends a deposit, I won't travel. As same as, the hotel accommodation and all costs are paid by the client, and giving a present shortly after arriving girls.